Rilita (rilita) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Animagus Reminders!

Seeking Animagi Applicants

As always, we of the HiH Animagus Community are looking to add to our numbers. If you'd like to become a Registered Animagus here at HiH, please, drop by our community - hih_animagus. As a Registered Animagi, you'll get your own unique animal form and access to the Animagus Common Room - hih_wilderness. At the Wilderness, we have exclusive point earning contests each month! Plus, you'll get ten extra points when you sort other new animagus applicants!

So, come on over and join us! Read the rules, fill out the form, and become a Registered Animagus today!

Also, there is currently an activity going on at hih_wilderness. Go check up on that, I don't have any entries yet. . . *cries*

- Rilita ♥ Animagus Co-Mod ♥ Fox Squirrel
Tags: animagus & wilderness, reminder, term ix


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