Becker (possibilities) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Quidditch Comms

This is just a reminder that if you'd like to play Quidditch, you're welcome to apply for a spot on your team here.

But you will not be able to join hh_quidditch or any of the other Quidditch comms until after you have been given a spot on your House's team. If you want to see the posts but do not want to play, then you can friend the community. But you cannot join the community until you are a Quidditch player.

- Your Friendly Neighbourhood Quidditch Mod
(does whatever a Quidditch Mod can,
runs a game, any size, catches Snitches, just like flies
Look out! here comes the Quidditch Mod.)
Tags: quidditch, reminder, term ix, useful

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