Jessi (punkfaerie4242) wrote in hogwartsishome,

X-mas is going to be interesting

Alright, my mom has asked me what I want for x-mas this year and I told her I want the HP hard cover book set that comes in a crappy fake treasure chest box. It's $100 bucks or a little bit more.

She said, "that's all you're getting this year for x-mas."

I said, "fine with me. I have everything else anyways."

She then said, "You are your father's daughter."

I said, "why, of course. Dad collecting Superman stuffs rubbed off on me."

*In truth, I have wanted all of those hard cover books for the past seven years, but I wanted them in one combined set*

**I decided not to ask for the 80 GB Ipod because my parent's were not going to spend $250 or how ever much it was on that kind of an Ipod that I wanted. I did not want a measly 8 GB Ipod for $100 bucks. SO, it was either the books or the 8 GB Ipod. So, I went for the books.**

***Come x-mas morning, I'm gonna open up one present and then sit and watch everyone else open more gifts that reach up to $100 bucks. I'll feel a little left out and I'll feel stupid for sitting there with one gift, but its that one gift that is $100 bucks and I won't have to go out and spend it with my own money. If I didn't ask for the box set now, I was going to spend my own money on it eventually. SO, this works out for me. I can use the money (from my own checking account) and pay off my credit card instead of buying the books with that same money***

****I just realized I said "paying with my own money" four different ways in the above "***" paragraph, lol. Whoops****
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