daddybear716 (daddybear716) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Hogsmeade Weekends

Over the weekend I spoke (emailed) with sas about the Hogsmeade Mayor. Since I was still willing to take it on and I had gotten the votes, well she made me the new mayor. LOL... She granted me access to the community but didn't make the "official announcement," so I'm going to be pushy and just do it myself. ::grin::

The Newly Elected Mayor Of Hogmeade Is...
daddybear716 a.k.a. ThePuffDaddy!

::bows and waves....bows and waves...

With that being said... thank you to those who voted for me. I hope to bring a very fun Hogsmeade Weekend for this term. Any suggestions and ideas would be greatly welcomes and appreciated. Just send them to me at thepuffdaddy [AT] verizon [DOT] net. Or you can leave a comment at THIS POST. I am open to any ideas you guys may have, especially those who were asking for a more "old school" type of Hogsmeade Weekend.

Since we are so late in the term it is only going to be 1 weekend for this term. Right now I am looking at the weekend of December 7th through the 9th, which is the 2nd weekend in December. Also any new members who are pending approval at the H.W. community, I will be approving tonight. Be sure to join hogsmeadewkends so you don't miss out on any of the fun! I will be posting more information as the plans all come together.

Also... gotta have an also ya know... any former Mayors of the Big H who want to share their thoughts and suggestions, it would be greatly welcomed.
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