Rilita (rilita) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Animagus Reminder!

Seeking Animagus Applicants:

Alright, guys, it's been a few weeks since I posted Animagus applications, but it's not because I'm just being lazy. Again, I don't have enough forms to post a batch. So, if you've got the time, the knuts, and the want to be an Animagus - why don't you come on over and fill out a form! Yay!

It's the same drill as last time. I need one more form to put up a batch, so that means if you fill one out today, I'll post it tonight! No waiting! So, please, head on over to hih_animagus if you'd like to register, and help me out. I've had a two folks waiting for a while, and I don't want to make them wait any longer!


- Ri ♥ Fox Squirrel Animagus ♥ Animagus Co-Mod
Tags: animagus & wilderness, reminder, term ix

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