diagon_mod (diagon_mod) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Knut deposits

September knuts are deposited in your vaults. Go check for mistakes.

The following users do not have a vault, but have knuts. Please SECURE A VAULT HERE or forfeit your knuts after October 30. You have to be a member of hh_diagon to see the entries.

Do check the list in case of wrong spelling or general mistakes. Thank you.

a_theanalyst (15 knuts)
ambelies (60 knuts)
beckella (15 knuts)
beruche (45 knuts)
brighty18 (75 knuts)
destinyrules (15 knuts)
dreaming_faerie (30 knuts)
keristars (30 knuts)
siriusly_hp (30 knuts)
storn_jen (15 knuts)
unsung_heroine (45 knuts)
xfortytwo (45 knuts)

Tags: diagon alley, reminder, term ix

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