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Just letting you know that since Bunny has stepped up to Mod this wonderful community, I have been made the new Mayor of Hogsmeade. My Deputy Mayor is the lovely saku so if you have any questions feel free to ask us.

On to business though. Hogsmeade will be open to the students of hogwartsishome on the weekend of December 10 - 12.
We have a lot of exciting things planned for this weekend including contests, lotteries, and gift exchanges. (The gift exchange will be explained in a later post.)
This post is just to let you know two things. MUST be a member of hogwartsishome to participate during the weekends. Those of you not willing to join the new community will not be able to participate. Make those in your house common rooms aware of this. I will be deleting the journal of anyone not listed in the main community from Hogsmeade.
Two: If you're a new member...don't forget to join hogsmeadewkends!!!

I hope to see you all in Hogsmeade in December!

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