Mr. Moon (margalite) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Mr. Moon

Get your vote on!

By the way, don't vote for yourself

I've made polls to go along with the applications for the positions requiring voting. They're up the mods community, that way, while you can still see who has how many votes, no one will know who voted for which application. Privacy and all that.

Please take the time, as soon as possible, to go through and read the applications and vote.

Daily Prophet Editor

Diagon Mod

Flourish Mods

Hogsmeade Mayor

Insomniacs Mod

Writer's Block Mod

If you want to get to all of the applications at once, go here: Polls. Be sure, though, to vote only on the applications that you should!. Only Slytherins should vote for their Prefects and Order Members for their Moderator!

Questions? Concerns? Comment here!

Note: If you applied for a position and that position isn't listed above, don't fret. That likely means you have it. Not sure? Just ask me!

If you make a mistake, you CAN change your vote. All you have to do is revote!
Tags: officials applications, term viii, voting

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