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Mr. Moon

Officials Applications for Term IX

Ha! It's time for officials applications! My favorite time of the year! Term. Whatever.

The applications for officials are up here. A few things to note:

1) As always, you must have been a member of HiH for two months in order to be an official. Why? We want to be sure you're planning to stick around. No offense to newly sorted folks, but it takes a while to know if you want to stay, and we really want people that will definitely be around for the next full term. Also, it helps to be able to answer questions if you've been here long enough to know most of the answers. What this means? Well, the closest date to two months is...July 1st. If you were sorted on or before July 1st (meaning that is the day that I stamped you and sent you off to your house, not the date of your application), you can apply. If not, please wait until next term!

2) We need people that will be able to be around the entire term. If you know for a fact that you'll be losing the opportunity to be online and help out an entire month of the term (which will go from September to the end of December), please don't apply. It's tough to find someone to fill in for you halfway through the term. That's not saying don't apply if you'll be going on vacation for a week or two, just if you know you'll be leaving and not coming back before the term is over!

3) Everyone has to reapply. This is always the case. We'll pick the best person for the job, and, in some cases (Prefect positions, for instance), you'll have the opportunity to vote.

4) You are allowed to apply for as many positions as you would like, but you will only be allowed to hold 2 positions. In the past the limit was higher but we decided to change it. So-- go ahead and apply for as many positions as you would like but in the end you can have a maximum of 2.

I think that's it for the moment. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. Questions? Ask here. Applications? Fill those out and put them here. If you put your application in this post, it won't be considered! It's so much easier when all of the applications are in the same place, you know?

Applications MUST be handed in no later than Saturday, August 25th at midnight Eastern U.S. time. Any later and it'll be too late. We need time for voting, if voting is required, before the start of the new term!
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