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I'd just like to open a friendly discussion about commenting on other people's voting.
I know people are not allowed to comment on their own applications, but what's the chop with voters commenting on each other's votes?
Do people think its fair/reasonable/problematic for people to make comments along the lines of "I can't believe person 'X' thinks that this person should be in house 'Y' - they are blatantly a 'Z', what were they thinking?"
It seems to me that comments like that are only going to start arguments.
Also, it's not very nice when people have read the app. and made a reasonable assesment based on their own understanding of the houses and their own opinions, and are then told that what they think is essentially stupid/wrong. I'm sure people don't mean it to come across like that, but it could easily be interprited that way.
What do people think?

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