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Hi All!

As Bunny pointed out when she closed computer is not up to working order. I'm actually at a friends home right now just to ensure that my LJ post will go through.


My computer will be getting the once over the first weekend of Feb. by a friend of mine. I will find out then if my computer has seriously crapped out on me and needs to be replaced, or if its just a quick fix of replacing a few parts...(yay for friends that work at Best Buy!)
Unfortunatly until this is complete I will be unable to read most of LJ as it takes an extreemly long time to load posts especially those riddled with lots of pictures (including any and all icons and ID banners used). This means that the contest that was up before Hogsmeade (the make your own Quidditch team) and the contests for Hogsmeade (the Welcome Banner and the Drabble) will have to wait to be announced (the winner i mean). I've been having problems with my computer for a while, which is why the knut totals from the last hogsmeade weekend Lottery was never recorded. I still have the records, but until I can work efficiently within the online realm again...I will be unable to post them unless my friend doesn't mind watching me for over an hour get all this work done. ^_^

On to the real business though. My deputy mayor saku ended up taking on too many jobs, thus opening the Deputy Mayor job up to one of you lovely people. Behind the cut is the application and description of said job.

The Deputy Mayor of Hogsmeade is actually a fairly easy job. Most of the time the only thing you'll be needed to help with is to help me come up with the fun and exciting contests or debate ideas for each weekend. It would also be your job to go through each weekend and give me a list of everyone that participated. I know this sounds like a great deal of work, but its actually not. Most of the numorous comments are usually by the same people, so its not really all that much work.

Your other duty would be to, should the computer crap out on me again, open Hogsmeade and close Hogsmeade on those rare instances.
On occation you would be the one to run one of the contests, so it would be your job to post the contest, gather all the entries, and make a post with them in the Officials Community (which you would be granted access to) in order for the officials to vote on said entries (thats how Hogsmeade's contests are voted on).
As i said...this would only be occationaly if my computer had problems or if I would not be around for most of the weekend. I will not be making you do that anytime soon though, so no worries about that. ^_^

For those of you that would like to apply, here is the application. Just put the application into a comment (all of which are screened) and by the next Hogsmeade weekend, we'll have our new Deputy Mayor.


Please bold the questions for easier reading.

Availability: (this means: school, work, extra activities, jobs you already have within hogwartsishome, anything else of importance that takes up your time)
Contest Idea: (come up with a creative original idea for a Hogsmeade contest)
Idea's for Bettering Hogsmeade: (what would you do to better Hogsmeade? "Nothing" and "It's great" are not acceptable answers.)
Tell me why you would make a good deputy mayor:

As talked about with the officials, Hogsmeade Weekends will be every 6 weeks instead of every month (4 weeks). Also to lighten up on the load, debates will be every other Hogsmeade Weekend. In its place every other time will be a Lottery. The lottery system will be MUCH easier to handle both for me and for you, but with this new system it means you will HAVE to have knuts to enter. More info for that will be posted soon but you have another 12 weeks before it goes into effect so I would suggest everyone participate in contests in order to get knuts in the meantime. ^_^

To let you all know, the next Hogsmeade Weekend will be Feb. 25-27th and it will be a debate weekend. If your house Prefects have yet to make a post in your house communities about it annoy them (kindly) until you get the info. XD They've had that information for a week now...and its time that you all had it as well.

I hope that I get a lot of applications to read the next time I'm able to check my mail and I do apologize on behalf of my craptastic computer. (If it knew any better it would start working correctly because I'm ready to throw it out the second story window. ^_^)

Juppy of Slytherin
Mayor of Hogsmeade
Contest Leader
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