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My Harry Potter Movie Post Results

Okay sorry for the lateness but here are my Harry Potter Movie Activity Points/Results...the contest could be found here.

Gryffindor: 50 pts.
vixen_of_light- 50 pts.

Hufflepuff: 240 pts.
lotrangel17- 50 pts.
hothobbit- 50 pts.
phight- 50 pts.
pxyjuice- 50 pts.
daddybear716- 40 pts.

Ravenclaw: 100 pts.
xenylamine- 50 pts.
caketime- 50 pts.

Slytherin: sadly no one 0 pts.

Thanx so much all activites were fun and hope we do something for the book premiere:)
::Also to the Mods do we put these points somewhere else??::
And finally applications for Animagi will go up today so please look out and remember everyone can vote on these applications so please earn yourself and your house points//knuts and head over to hih_animagus
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