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I was meant to do this a few weeks ago, but whatever... *shrugs*

I'm here to represent the fanfiction competition in Tasmania's third AI-Con in 2008. AI-Con is an anime convention held regularly (as of 2006) in February each year in Tasmania, the small island (not really that small) off the coast of Australia. I'm not really on the team, but I said I'd get word out, and so I am.


This year, the fanfiction competition is being held internationally as well as interstate. Meaning anyone from any country can enter, so long as you have a postal address if you win so we can mail your prize to you. The categories for the competition are anime, manga and video games, and also original fanfiction based around the subject of Artificial Intelligence, the theme of next year's con. With enough support, the fanfiction competition in later years will eventually take on books and other subjects.

One of the team members on the fanfiction panel is set to get an LJ soon, and hopefully she'll be joining HiH and give you more information. The reason I told you now is to see how many people would be interested. So please help. With your support, AI-Con can continue and grow.

Aaaaaaaaand...that's all. I don't know all the details for entering the competition yet, just the subjects you can enter for. So...yeah. If you need to know anything more, wait a while. Expressing interest is enough for now.

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