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The Final Battle!


And take that! And that! Stupefy!

After the completely unexpected invasion by Death Eaters earlier this week, a group of rebel students have— wicked fireworks there, way to show 'em!—have launched a counter attack that has the Death Eaters wetting their robes right and left.

In a display of ingenuity, Hufflepuff rebels are using conjured bubblegum to stick Death Eaters to the ceiling of the Great Hall. Wads of pink goo are everywhere. Here comes a Gryffindor with the glitter... Looks like we'll have Death Eaters for tree toppers come Yule. Always wanted one of those.

Over in the entrance things are blowing up left and right as Ravenclaws answer the age-old question, "What happens when you auto-apparate one object into the solid mass of another object?" The answer is "a mess". It seems to work best with rocks, but one charming young lady of indeterminate House is having some real success with aiming shrapnel at anything that moves in a Death Eater robe.

Moving up a floor, the fighting's just starting to spread. A mixed band of fifth year boys've somehow got their hands on the cannon the invaders were waving around. They're trying to figure it out... Quick boys! Here come the minions! They've got it lit! Good show, brilliant work— wait, aim it the other way! THE OTHER WAY! DUCK!


Yes. It was completely an accident that you demolished the wall between the boys and girls showers. I'm sure nyreak will believe it too, once she's freed from the Dark Lord's clutch. Er, clutches. Because Dark Lords don't carry purses. Alright, alright, man-bags! Is everyone happy now?

The herbology classroom - we have a herbology classroom?- seems to have turned into a last stand for some poor death munching souls. The door's broken, but they've put up Devil's Snare to keep the rebels out. 232906, the leader of the rebellion I think, hard to tell in all this, has manufactured some kind of catapult and is loading it with... What are you loading it with? Really? Aren't there laws against that sort of thing?

Let this be a lesson to us all. Canary Creams also work as projectile weapons and Devil's Snare does not stop candy. Feathers are all over. And now they're loading up the Skiving Snackboxes. I think I'll move on before this gets messy.

Here we are. The Dark Lord's lair. What is with the graveyard motif? You'd think a guy as old as he is would know when enough's enough. Gloomy just doesn't do it for most people, you know? Things look fairly normal in here— whoops, guard. Yes, hail the Dark Lord. Password? Er- pain and... um, suffering to... people he doesn't like? Right! Well, that seemed to work.


I'll whisper now. Voldie-poo is accepting tribute and I don't want to catch his attention. It looks like the rebellion is taking a more subtle approach here. Not sure why, since blowing things up seems to be doing a bang-up job in the rest of the castle. Someone is cutting a hole through the ceiling over the Dark Lord's head at this very moment. They're lowering a potion bottle... it's tipping... It's Amortentia! He's been dosed with Amortentia! But who..?

Voldemort seems to have lost interest in dominating Hogwarts. He's setting his minions to redecorating, and the rest of the school's going back to normal. I wonder who the poor sap's in love with. Only time and décor will tell.
Tags: term viii

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