SinfullyPure (sinfullypure) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Layout Contest!!

Hey all, I'm Joscelyn, the new hih_yearbook mod. While I get the community all set up, I've decided to have a layout contest!!


1. Must be easy to read for pretty much everyone. No forcing the text size and must have a decent amount of contrast between the background and text. (Example: White text on a yellow background? No-no. I'd like my eyes not to kill me, thankies.)

2. Must be in S2 style and work in a free account. It needs to support links on the sidebar for the Tags, and Page Summary at the very least.

3. Needs to have a matching icon for the default.

4. You may include any other graphics you wish, but all are optional. Ideas: alternates for the "lj user=" man; designs for blockquotes; a header; background images/patterns; bullet thingies for links; etc.

5. You need to be able to set it up for us, because I don't really have the time to mess with it to make it look just right. You also need to be open to change. We may like your layout, but want something different, like the text to be darker or something, you should be open to change that for us.

So that's it methinks. Points and knuts are as follows:

First place - 50 pts 20 knuts
Second - 40 pts 15 knuts
Third - 30 pts 10 knuts
Participation - 10 pts 5 knuts



Tags: term viii, yearbook

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