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Question for the masses.

Okay, this involves voting. And since a discussion was just had the other day over voting was put here, I thought I would go ahead as well.
Slytherin voting. If they seem too much like a Slytherin, then they are muggle. If they dont seem like enough of a Slytherin, they end up going somewhere else. There is a application being voted on right now that many people have voted Slytherin (a few have gone other ways) but every person that is already in Slytherin has voted them Muggle for "pushing". Is it just Slytherin exclusiveness that makes it near impossible to vote someone that way? I mean, I just really hate to see people get muggled because they are just answering in a way that may seem to be Slytherin-esk. If someone repeats "intelligence" a load of times in an app, we dont Muggle them for pushing for Ravenclaw. We dont Muggle someone for repeating Bravery over and over again. Why then, if someone just seems "snarky" (gosh I love that word), do we Muggle them for Slytherin pushing? Will someone (preferably a Slytherin) please explain this all to me? Maybe its just the Puff in me.
And, thanks for your time. :-D
Andrea, Hufflepuff

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