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Due to some work related issues (read: one Jackie doing 3 jobs at THE SAME PLACE in the SAME 8 HOURS EVERY DAY), I've been kind of pooped lately. :P So I've let the Prophet go to the backburner (SO EARLY IN THE TERM?? WUT???).

ANYWAY, what this means is that next week's Prophet will be SUPASIZED and MADE OF WIN. Look for a graphics contest, lots of HP (and HiH) gossip, and all the links you'll EVER NEED. EVAR.


So yes. It shall be merry.

If you're interested in helping out, head on over HERE to sign up! :D Assignments will be given out next Thursday and Friday. :)

Much love and happiness (and exhaustion),

Jackieeeee :D
Tags: daily prophet, term viii

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