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Mods- I know it's not HP-related, but I need your help!


hogwartsishome! I, humble lion, am calling for your aid!

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Piper, an award-winning literary magazine. We have until next Friday to finish work on the layout and ship it off to the printer. I have been working on a cover for quite sometime, but have not been able to color the thing. 

If there is anyone in this community who is skilled with photoshop or who would like to print a copy and color it, I beg you- please! Think of it as a sort of contest! If you decide to take me up and you win- you will receive your name in the back of the magazine along with the editors, a free copy of the 2007 edition, and the pride of knowing that hundreds of people will see your artwork and be amazed. 

I'm counting on you hogwartsishome!

 If you're willing to help, these are two scans of the cover (I can try to scan better quality when I get home)- 



P.S. My email address is Allmywordsworth@aol.com, if you'd like to speak with me.



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