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Earn Points for your house @ HP LIMS

Okay, here's a brand new way for you to earn points, enter HP LIMS. You need to make one icon per week using the picture/prompt given, each week people will vote off icons, and vote for their favourite icons, the communities choice and mod's choice will both receive double points/knuts.

Here's how it goes: You sign up, then when the first challenge is posted, you make an icon according to the instructions (You have one week to enter it). Every week you will earn 10 points and 5 knuts per week for entering. At the end of the week a poll will go up and you will vote for your least favourite icon and your favourite icon. The mod will choose their favourite icon, and the most popular icon and mod's choice will both recieve double points/knuts (20 points/10 knuts). Unfortunately one or more participants will be voted off each week until we reach a final two and then we shall see who is the last icon maker standing. If for any reason you must leave town etc. I can give you the challenges before hand or you may use a bye. You can earn a bye by promoting the community and linking it to the pimp post.
If you have any questions feel free to ask,


P.S This is an AFFILIATE COMMUNITY not a sub-community of HiH, so please direct all queries towards me :) thanks

{brand new}

{high-quality images}

{check out the community}

{sign up for round one}


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