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Rumors of our rabies have been greatly exaggerated.

Attention, students! The Hogwarts Is Home RPG would like to invite you to a Slumber party in the Common Rooms. There shall be punch and there shall be pie. Newcomers welcome.

The purpose of these “in-House” sessions is to …

1) stimulate interest in the RPG.
2) provide a summary of events so that new players don’t have to go in blind.
3) avoid separation feelings between the participants and the non.

For further information, feel free to contact the House RP Prefect (thankfully we managed to stick at least one in each House).

Gryffindor: songsheet
Hufflepuff: ladydaendre
Ravenclaw: forsakenrain
Slytherin: chellemod and akavertigo
RPG leader: jedilora
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