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Text Contest Voting!

Hey guys, time to vote for your favorite entries to this month's Text Contest!  Details here. My apologies for having it be both late and a PIA, but you guys turned in some awesome entries! I formatted everyone's to have the pairing at the top, and then the items listed 5-1, instead of 1-5.  

Remember: Voting earns your house a point, and lasts until the 29th at 10 pm, EST. Also, please vote based on which 3 entries you like best, not whether it's A. your favorite ship, or B. your least favorite ship. Thanks! (Don't forget to sign your name/house, and tell me your favorite three entries IN ORDER.)

Sidenote: if anyone is interested in being Text Contest Leader next term, go apply! I'm not going to, because I overdid it this term. ;o) It's easy though, and a lot of fun, so go for it!

The Entries:

5. It is very obvious that the two of them are straight.
4. Their personalities are so alike! It is almost as if they are the same person..
3. Because they are so close in age, they both show the same maturity level, which is important in a relationship.
2. Sirius would approve!
1. And finally, the ship name Topin, or Lunks, is very cute, and not ridiculous sounding at all. =] 

 5. The Weasley's already love Hermione.
4. They bicker as if they were already married.
3. There are so many places for them to get it on.
2. It makes the hero that much more alone.
1. DMxHP are too cute to split up.

5. With Hermione's knowledge and Riddle's experience there's got to be magic *wink*wink*
4. Come on bad boy and book nerd, HELLO!
3. How can you go wrong with the most unexpected couple ever!
2. They are just so CUTE together.
1. It proves that anyone is capable of being the Dark Lord's Hunny.

 5. Best friends are the best of lovers.
4. Hermione totally groped Harry in the Goblet of Fire. The director is on our side!!!!
3. Sidekicks need love too, right?
2. Harry needs someone in his life that will love him unconditionally, and who better than the bookwormy best friend?
1. Hermione totally fangirled Harry like Ginny did. She just did it in secret. ;) 

5.  All the fanfiction for this pairing is either crack!fic, or over a novel-length treatise on how they could have realistically gotten together.
4.  Those two really have chemistry, if you catch my drift.
3.  It puts a whole new meaning to the question, 'How do I get into the Slug Club?'
2.  There's only one thing better than a naughty teacher's pet--a naughty redheaded teacher's pet.
1.  The following is so small, no one posts fanart. 

5.  Because pink haired babies would be so hot!
4.  Living the Romeo/Juliet scene can be invigorating
3.  Forbidden love always tastes the sweetest
2.  Older men, especially the snakes, know what women want
1.  Because when opposites attract they spark 

5. Because they really both needed to move on from Cedric.
4. Because no matter who Harry's second kiss is with, it will be awesome by comparison.
3. Because, older girl, younger boy? = hot. ;)
2. Because OotP really needed something that would make the book more cheerful.
1. And the most important reason of all: just add Draco and Inferi!Cedric, and you've got a fantastically house-unifying Seeker orgy! :D

#8 (This one is missing one but I didn't catch that until now...erm, heh?)
4.  Because Harry has had crappy luck everywhere else, and Hermione seems to be the only girl who sticks by him all the time. 
3. Because their babies would have pretty dark hair
2.Harry does what Hermione says most of the time, and Hermione likes being listened to. 
1. Harry and Hermione both come from partially muggle worlds so they understand a lot of things other witches and wizards may not.

5.  Both of their names start with an 'H'. How cute!
4.  Because she's the main girl in the series, and we all know that the hero ends up with the main girl, it's a rule!
3.  They're already best friends, it isn't a far jump to Marriage.
2.  Because he realized that she was a girl when he saw her in a dress and make-up.
1.  Because Harry's a hot, angsty, Gryffindor boy, who needs all the love he can get.

5. Because their puppies would be so damned cute
4. Because even after 12 years of blaming one another of James and Lily's deaths, the first thing they do is hug
3. Because David Thewlis and Gary Oldman are hot
2. Because Remus has a thing for people of the Black bloodline
1. Because the only other Order memeber left of their generation is Snape and neither want that

5. Because Ron approves
4. Because Tom Riddle unites everyone
3. Because EVERYONE falls in love at eleven!
2. Because Harry looks like James and Ginny looks like Lily
1. Because the Chest Monster is always right

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