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Boley presents: The Boley 5-Thousand...

Good morning HIH-er's!! *hears an echo* *notices tumbleweed blow across main comm*

Okay, so, we haven't had a whole lot of "fun and/or exciting" activities in this place in awhile that have no bearing on points. So, it is time for some. And we shall start with a story...

A long, long time ago.....wait, wrong story. Okay, about a month or so ago, I, being the Gryff Co-Prefect, noticed that our gryffs didnt have a whole lot to do with each other besides gaining points and the occasional squee over something HP-ish. So, I decided that following in the footsteps of the much loved Friday-Five, I would start a short questionaire about the innerworkings of each of our lions. It grew into quite a sensation, so much so that I am now bringing my crazy, random questions to everyone here at HIH, and hope that y'all will have as much fun with this as we lions do.

Rules of the Boley 5-Thousand
1.) Fill out questionaire honestly and thought provokingly...put some of your real attitude in it, we want to find out more about you!! Comment to this entry with your answers! :-)
2.) Actually read other people's entries. This isn't much fun when you just post your answers and expect everyone to be in awe of their amazingness without checking out everyone else.
3.) Comment like crazy!! Does someone else have smelly feet? Did you find out they liked WWF's main event too as a kid? Let them know!! Tell them a silly story. Get to know each other! That's what this is for!!
5.) Aaaaand, dont forget to give me ideas. Although nyreak never said one way or the other, I'd prefer to not do this for points, as its supposed to be all in good fun, and I'd hate to be the responsible one for hand picking who gets points and who doesn't, ya know? Soooo...if you have an idea, splurge, if not...no big deal. :-)

Okay, now on to your very first (except for my lions) Boley 5-Thousand!!

1.) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
2.) OMG! Its raining candy bars! What kind are they?
3.) What is the strangest food you've ever consumed?
4.) Dump/Date/Do: Lucious, Severus, Hagrid ooor McGonagle, Trewlany, Narcissa
5.) Tell me a story about chinese food.

Easy box!

Good luck, God speed, and remember "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men..."

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