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Points for March

Here we go, folks! I have the points totals for the month of March all tallied and ready for you to cheer or cry about. I have NOT done the knuts or activity lists yet, but I'm about to work on them, so give me a few hoursr or so from now. I wanted to get this up first, since you had to wait so long last month.

Points for March:
Gryffindor: 11986
Hufflepuff: 6653
Ravenclaw: 3199
Slytherin: 5782 5812

Points so far this term:
Gryffindor: 36569
Hufflepuff: 23404
Ravenclaw: 13002
Slytherin: 19776 19806

As usual, double check me, make sure your points are all accounted for, as I can and do make mistakes!

And, no, Hogsmeade points haven't been turned in to me yet, but I promise that, somehow, they'll be in by the end of the term.

Oh, right... The Points Breakdown

Edit: Looks like my server is down, so you may have to check your points later!
Tags: points & knuts, term vii

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