Jaime (nyreak) wrote in hogwartsishome,

slight delay

I know you guys are eager (and anxious) to see the points for February but there's a slight delay, so they won't likely be posted until either later this evening or early tomorrow. Why? Two reasons:

1) folks had until last night to post points, since things ended at the end of the month
2) there is a bit of an issue with some of the top sorters and I'm trying to figure it out. (Prefects, expect email about it!)

Rho is helping me with the top sorters thing, so hopefully I'll get it taken care of by tonight, but there's a chance it'll be tomorrow. Sorry, guys, it's quite unexpected, but things happen. I'm working as quickly as I can!


Edit: sorry guys, it'll be a bit longer... too many top sorters to recount! :(
Tags: mod post, term vii

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