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Animagus Coming This Weekend

Hello Hogwartians...

Everyone better add hih_animagus to their new communties because by Friday afternoon there will be applicants for you to vote on!!! This time I promise, I'm not gonna slack anymore!!! The details are pretty simple just like platform_934 you my HiH participants will vote people into one out of seven different animal categories ranging from mammals, reptiles, fish, etc. for 5 points and knuts each. You have to decided what type of animal category they belong in. And for an additional 5 points if you give me a specific animal like Jack Russel Terrier instead of dog than you will get those points for your lovely house, and it will help decide the future of a persons register animagus form. Just remember that theres a current list on the user page of hih_animagus and we have stated in the past that no one will have the same form so better hurry up before your favorite animal is snagged. Also starting next month animagus only contests will start so send in those applications♥

Thanx All For Being Oh So Patient!
Sincerly Yours,
Neeley **Your Dumbwitted Animagus Mod**
Tags: animagus & wilderness, term vii

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