Buffay the Vampyre Layer (guest_age) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Buffay the Vampyre Layer

Sad Announcement

Hi, everyone. I, unfortunately, come bearing sad news. On February 13th, a former Hufflepuff here at Hogwarts is Home, Jenny (mr_yer_on_fire), passed away.

Jenny was a member here circa the fifth term. She was only 18 years old.

Though I'm usually an articulate person, I find myself currently unable to put into exact words what an amazing person Jenny was. She was smart and kind, gentle and loving. She loved music and writing. She was a dedicated Harry Potter fan, and a self-proclaimed Rupert fangirl. Most importantly, she was my friend, and probably many of yours, as well.

Jenny was the kind of person who would tell us to party, rather than to grieve. So instead of crying, I say we should celebrate her life by remembering the happy times she gave us. If you have any happy memories of Jenny, please, comment and share them. She touched many people's lives, mine included, and I think that wherever she is right now, she'd be glad to know how many people she brought joy to in life.

Her obituary can be found here.
Tags: term vii

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