Emotionally Reckless. (oh_no_bad_touch) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Emotionally Reckless.

January Deposits

Hello lovelies! It's that time again! January Knut deposits have been made to those of you with vaults. However there are several of you who earned knuts and don't have vaults. If you would like a vault, please request one here and I shall set one up for you.

choccies 15
clawman 30
doubledgedsword 35
frelianprincess 45
la_petite_muse 70
lenabee 25
semi_subtle 15
sportsfan25 45
the_nikkie 15
thrance_86 35
vinyldisco 15
xc0l0rful 55

These people must request vaults by SUNDAY FEB 18 or forfeit their knut.

On another note, all purchase transactions will be done in the next 24 hours.

Tags: points & knuts, term vii

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