each peach pear plum (seaborne) wrote in hogwartsishome,
each peach pear plum

Layout Contest Winner

(The following was definitely not written by theaeblackthorn. I am a hardworking and conscientious mod and would never allow such a thing.)

And now for the results of the layout contest!

There were three submissions and after days of voting the result are in...

1st theaeblackthorn of Ravenclaw! 75 points and 40 knuts
2nd oh_no_bad_touch of Gryffindor! 60 points and 30 knuts
3rd lovebuggin of Gryffindor! 50 points and 20 knuts

Well done everyone!

The only things brought up in comments was the size of the font, which was scaled in the preview, so all is well!

The layout should be appearing on the main comm shortly, taking into account any stupid glitches in the code. There's always some, believe me.
Tags: layout contest, results, term vii

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