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Several things before you click on that wee link for this week's Prophet.
1. My apologies for not having this up earlier. I've been working on it for HOURS now and intended to have it up around 7, but due to my HTML anality, it's going up now! Yay!
2. To keep from putting this off for ANOTHER week, I've mirrored last year's style. I hope you all enjoy!
3. I attempted to put as much in there as possible.

Lastly, PLEASE feel free to leave some feedback! If you don't wish to comment, there's an e-mail address at the bottom of this post that you can send your thoughts to! This was great fun and I can't wait to get next week's Prophet in order! XD


Your daily wizarding news since 1412 AD                                                 VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1
Jocelyn Clare Emerges!

Our very own Mod and fellow Ravenclaw, nyreak gave birth to her first child, a daughter, on January 15th, 2007. Much speculation has been discussed as to the sorting of our newest Hogwartsian. *cough*Ravenclaw*cough* Congrats to Jaime and her husband, Ken, on their sweet baby girl! :)

Story continued on pages two and four.

HiH Layout Contest Announced!

The quarter yearly contest for a new HiH layout has come! Congrats to Slytherin for winning the cup last term! That means the term 7 layout needs to cater to their colors (silver and green).

The contest technically ended on the 14th, though our lovely mods may be persuaded to accept your entry! Need more? Check out the official post on page three.

January Text Contest
January's Text Contest was posted by the lovely jellybellys. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: The contest will be to think of the most absurd name for book seven you possibly can. "Harry Potter and..." must start off the title, but anything after that is allowed, as long as it stays PG-13 and under.

The real title of the book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," can be included or parodied in the entry. Two entries per person is allowed, although you will only get points for one entry.

Head on over to page five for more information and to submit your entry! (Due by MIDNIGHT, Jan. 25th)

HiH Subsidary of the Week

This week's spotlight community is hh_quidditch. Wanna get down and dirty on the quidditch pitch? Like answering various trivia questions? Who doesn't love the heartpounding thrill of a Wonky Faint?

Head on over to page three

for the rules on our take on the classic game! Watch your favorite team compete to win this term's Quidditch Cup -- and root for your own house!

Newbies Announced After Voting Hiccup

Due to some intense voting this week, our very own platform_934 was temporarily shut down to retabulate the votes. Thanks to our amazing voting mod, margalite, our newbies have been sorted and introduced! Make sure to make them feel loved!

Full report on page nine.

Wanna give some feedback on this week's Prophet? Got an idea for next week's edition? Shoot an e-mail over to hhdaily_prophet@yahoo.com!

Coming Next Week:
+ Activities for POINTS!
+ Another edition of "What's Going On In Clubs??"
+ More Flourish Adverts!
+ Games!
+ Booze!
+ Reader's suggestions!


Announcing the official reopening of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries! Check out the latest contest post here!

Purchase your own wand, textbooks, and more -- necessary for those who wish to become a Registered Animagus! Make sure you sign up for your own vault so your precious, hard earned knuts don't go to waste! Check out the userinfo on page four.

New rules over at hogwartsicons! You can now get POINTSES for your icons! Check out the post over on page seven for more information!

Your very own graphic contest here at HiH! This week's prompt: a COMPLETE journal set! Are you up for the challenge?? Rule and submissions over on page eight!

What CAN'T you do at hh_clubs??! Check out these various activities!
*Shutterbug Society is looking for pictures of Wizarding villages around the world! Drop off your submission on page four.
*Wizarding Games is looking for a new game! Get creative and submit your plans on page five.
*Divination Club sees a new banner in its future! Get creative and head over to page three.
*Herbology Club is catching some fumes from the Div. Club! Make a new potion based off the herbs associated with your sign! Check it out on page nine.
*SPEW announces its latest contest winners! Congrats go to musicaltwin07 and littlefrog29, both of Hufflepuff! See their winning entries on page twelve.
*The Resticted Section also announced their latest contest winners! Congrats to Ravenclaw's echizenryuma for winning first place! See the winning banners and congratulate all the winners on page eleven!
*Transfiguration Club has voting up for their latest icontest! Head on over to page six to place your vote for the best Sirius Black icon!


Each week the Prophet will be profiling two shoppes over at hh_flourish. Requesting and making icons, banners, sigtags, layouts, etc etc are a GREAT way to get to know your fellow HiHers AND earn points for your house! Clicky on the banners to go to the catalogues!

From Wild Moor is an inventive and interesting Gryffindor graphics shoppe with fun and different graphics to appeal to everyone's tastes! This great shoppe is run by the amazing oh_no_bad_touch! Check it out!

The Yellow Belle is a cute and fun Hufflepuff shoppe that caters to the Puff in all of us! This wonderful shoppe is run by the incomprable dear_prudence! Go order some stuff!

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