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So, the new term at Hogwarts has started and you've yet to see that crazy Ravenclaw girl running around with the Prophet in her hand.

Maybe that's because she hasn't put up a....


[x] Got an HiH event going on? Leave it here!
[x] Important notice for your housemates? Leave it here!
[x] Bribe for the editor? Leave it here!

I'm going to be running the Prophet a little differently each week from now on. Starting on Thursday (or in this case, Wednesday) and running to the following Tuesday, I'll be posting a SUBMISSIONS POST for you to drop links to important events in your communities and houses. As I'm not a member of each of the houses (or their common rooms), I won't have access to things like THE SORTING LOG or THE IN-HOUSE CONTEST or other important things! By leaving them here as a comment, you ensure that your notice WILL BE POSTED! XD

Other community administrators can leave their important posts here as well! SortedChallenge got a new contest? Which club has their results up?

But hey, ye masses of HiH-dom, you can submit things, too! Found a great HP Friending Meme? Got a neat-o article you want to share? Post it here to be in the next Prophet!


All comments will be screened, but feel free to leave any questions or suggestions to this post! I'll be doing a little HiHvestigation myself over the next week to dig up whatever I can as well!

Have fun with it! And look out for the first edition of the Daily Prophet next Wednesday here at HiH! (Point earning activites MAY or MAY NOT be involved....) XD

PLEASE HAVE ALL SUBMISSIONS IN BY 11:00 PM (CST) on TUESDAY, JAN. 23RD to ensure their place in the Prophet!!

Love and journalism,
Jackie! :D
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