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Term VII Officials and Officials Icon

Two things I know that everyone has been waiting for: 1) To see the new officials icons and 2) to see who the new officials are. Well, here you go:

Congratulations to shayuko for the winning icon set. Pay attention, as these are the icons that will be used by all of the mods/officials for the entire term!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thank you so much to the other entrants, daddybear716, memeann012084, and oh_no_bad_touch. Points will be rewarded to all of you guys for your entries. I do hope that we'll be seeing these icons in your Flourish shops, because I know I'd like some made for me!

shayuko, I'll make sure you get a list of all of the icons you need to make up asap! Obviously, you can start with the list that's done here, but there are a few extras you'll need to do as well, like the voting mod ones and for Quidditch and Club leaders!

And, without further ado....

Term VII Officials
HiH Modsnyreak (R)
rhowan_jane (R)
seaborne (S)
keristars (H)
Gryffindor Prefectjellybellys
Gryffindor Co-Prefectboley
Hufflepuff Prefectredwingprincess
Hufflepuff Co-Prefectdaddybear716
Ravenclaw Prefectjackie
Ravenclaw Co-Prefectohthatisbadnews
Slytherin Prefectluxleviathana
Slytherin Co-Prefecteternalslacker
Stamping Modcanarycream
Hogsmeade Mayorshaina_star
The Ordereternalslacker
Voting Modmargalite
Appeals Modmemeann012084
Writer's Blockseaborne
Sorted Challenge Modechizenryuma
Sorted Challenge Co-Modkakusareta
Daily Prophetjackie
Debate Leadershayuko
St. Mungosshaina_star

New officials, please head on over to hih_officials and join! I'll be posting information for you guys in that comm soon, and that's where I post anything that we need you to do/random information/etc, so make sure you not only JOIN the community (you'll have to be approved), but that you also FRIEND the community!

Old officials, thank you so very much for helping to make HiH the great place that it is! Oh! Also, if you changed the password for your community (Diagon or one of the prefects accounts), email me at rosewolf@gmail.com with the changed password. Feel free to set it back to something 'ordinary' before you do so!
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