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Voting is still going on for the officials icontest. If you haven't voted yet, go vote!

Voting is also happening in Gryffindor and Ravenclaw for Prefects and Co-Prefects. If you're in one of those houses and you haven't voted, do so!
Gryffindor Voting
Ravenclaw Voting

Also, you can still earn points, like Sas pointed out in her last post, by participating in the silly 'contests/activities' we're putting together over at the Yule Ball. You can continue earning points there until around...7pm Central US time. I know, it's kind of early, but I need time to get all of the points figured out so I can announce them tomorrow. However...

After 7:00 tonight, we'll add a few more silly activities and any points you earn there will help your house get a kickstart on Term VII points, so keep participating. Any new contests for next Term will be marked as such!

OH YEAH! Officials folks, check the officials comm for my list of points that still need to be turned in. Remember, points are due by 7 pm US Central Time. Get 'em in!
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