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Halloween Fun

I HAVE to share this with you guys.

Now, it's not Harry Potter related, but it IS fandom related and Halloween related.

You may or may not know that I love American Girl dolls. Well, one of the members of the AG community here on livejournal created a photostory with her dolls based on the original Star Trek. It is HILARIOUS. You must go see it!

I'm posting the link here because I think she needs loads and loads more views, because it's really well done.

This is what she says about it:

"I made a massive Halloween photostory involving the girls for you – over a hundred photos! Think of it as one part mystery story and one part loving parody of the original Star Trek series. It’s Halloween night, and the candy dish has gone missing! Jess, Sara and Kirsten go looking for it, but things are complicated by a strange visitor (not to mention a series of really odd mishaps). Anything can happen on Halloween!


I tried to make the writing accessible to anyone – even people who aren’t fans of American Girl or Star Trek. It will help if you know about both, but even if you don’t, go ahead on in and check it out!"

-- bean_bunny

So..yes! Take a look! Laugh out loud! Share your own Halloween adventures with the rest of the class! :D

(PS: if you are bewildered by AG, and have questions specific to the dolls shown in the story, comment and I'll be glad to help out.)

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