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About Activity

Here at HiH, we don't require much in the way of activity in order for you to remain a member. It's quite simple, really!

Previously, it had been that you had to participate at least once in a three month period. That's being upped to once in a four month period since that's the length of time we use for one 'Term'. We note who participates each month, and if you have not participated for four months, your name will be removed from the Student Roster.

What counts as participation? Easy! Participate in any activity/contest across the community or sort. Participate in your common room.

Know that you will be unable to participate for an extended period of time? Let your prefects know and stick a little 'Hiatus' tag in your user info so that we know you still want to be part of the community. As of right now, if you're part of the community and are listed as one of your common room's 'active students' (check your student roster for that), you'll be considered as 'active' up through October. The lists will be kept updated from this point on, removing folks as we go.

Questions? Let me know!
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