Jaime (nyreak) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Totals Updates

After a few folks realized that they hadn't properly received all of their credit for being Top Sorters, I did a little investigating. Turned out that one of the sets of Top Sorters that had been turned in by Slytherin was somehow missing several folks on it. I pointed this out to the Prefects who quickly jumped on the case and fixed the error. Now that all of the Slytherin Top Sorters have been turned in, the files have been updated to show that the totals and placement of houses has changed. This post now links to the newly updated files and shows the new points totals, but I'll list the points here as well.

How did it turn out? Well, now, Slytherin is in first. Congratulations Slytherin!

September Totals

See, this is why I always say to check your own points/knuts amounts, because you never know what might have been left out!

cinnleigh, the following folks need an addition 15 knuts added to their vaults: _allshallfade, der_katzchen, lindawonderland, nyghtinggail, rainylondonight, rushofsilence, littlelessevil, unwoundfantasy

tsukinofaerii & hibernoid, your additional 15 knuts were turned in to cinnleigh as soon as you pointed out the error. Thanks for paying attention!
Tags: points & knuts, term vi

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