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Calling, well, everyone!

  1. Have you been a HiH member for 2 months or more?

  2. Do you like participating in clubs?

  3. Do you like thinking new challenges up?

  4. Are you sad to see so many inactive clubs?

Become a club leader!

At hh_clubs we're in dire need of people to lead clubs!

It's easy, you're required to issue one challenge a month (that's just the min, guys!) and keep your roster of members up to date! But there are so many options for things you can do!

Currently Astronomy Club, Charms Club, Divination Club, Dueling Club, Dumbledore's Army, Herbology Club and Transfiguration Club are all leaderless!

So head on over to the userinfo, fill in the application and drop it off here!

(plus, you get a salary of knuts, and a cool officials icon...what, it's tempting! it's like the car and new laptop coming with a job, only a lot lamer now I've said that.)
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