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So I figured I'd do some high-quality pimping.


What are clubs at hogwartsishome? The clubs are just groups of people here that get together to all do fun stuff together with one person for each club, coming up with activities, etc. These activities are sometimes very HP related, and sometimes not so HP related. There's pretty much a club for everyone over at hh_clubs.

Click on the club name to find the application for each club.

Clubs with contest running!
Art Club - Great for all the artists out there! Art Club has a nifty banner contest up at the moment! I don't see any reason you couldn't draw one and scan it in if you weren't graphically inclined!
Defense Against the Dark Arts Club - Challenges and contest revolving around the dark arts, and, well yeah. There's a scavenger hunt with some trivia going on here
The Restricted Section: A Literature Club - Reading and discussing books! Currently it's My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Head over here to find out more about the discussion and to vote on the banner!
Shutterbug Society - For the Colin Creevey's of HiH! Current contest is photos of your house mascot!
S.P.E.W. - Discuss current events, and, um, yes! Poll on future activities.
Wizarding Games Club is currently playing Monopoly! You can go watch, or join and keep your eye out for next months contest!

Clubs with no contests currently running!
Charms Club - Trivia, creative stuff and, um, scavenger hunts all based around Charms!
Potions Club - Run by Professor Snape! Better keep him happy by completing all challenges and tasks set!
Transfiguration Club - Graphicsy challenges revolving around changing one item into another!

Leaderless clubs!
Astronomy Club
Divination Club
Dueling Club
Dumbledore's Army
Herbology Club
Music Club

Think you could lead any of them? The head over to the userinfo and fill out an application!

So, why not give clubs a try?

- sas // clubs mod (can you tell??)
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