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"My vacuum sucks."

I am very sorry for the way the "prank" blew up. It was supposed to be all in good fun, but obviously some people didn't take it that way... and I do admit that my timing could have been a tad bit lot better (we really wanted it posted before Christmas, if that helps the matter any... -_-)

It's no Gryffindor fault but my own. I didn't share what was going on at the Officials Community with any members of my common room (unless they happen to be on my f-list), so no one knew that Nika and I had had a bit of a tiff. It seems like the Slytherins might have known though since someone commented on it; and I guess that makes some of the tempers justifiable, since they might have thought it to be a stab at their Prefect.

It wasn't though, not at all. Regardless of what Nika may think of me, she is very good at what she does. I might not agree with her often, or at all, but I respect her for knowing what she's doing; so this was not meant to hurt her in any way. We had this planned out and started since at least September, when everything was fine and dandy and there was no fighting. I didn't feel like calling it off when maybe I should have... I really didn't feel that it was fair to all of the people who helped make pictures and plan the events. I didn't feel that it was fair to my friends, and I figure that's something everyone can understand.

Someone said it could have been taken as a stab at Slytherin in general, since Slytherin is always being picked on. In actuality, I didn't pick the Slytherin house to prank because it would have been "the easiest" or because "everyone else does it." I picked you lot because I figured you'd be the ones to pass it on and keep it going. I wanted this whole pranking business to be something interesting that we could do on the side when there were no in-house contests to participate in, and when participation seemed to drag. That is my "job," you know, thinking of things like that. I guess I didn't expect these consequences, because in general, the members here take all the stereotypes of their houses very well. I didn't expect anyone to be offended by what I hoped would be "good fun."

Thank you Kat, and everyone else that said something, for standing up for me... but it seems my judgment is a lot poorer that what I expected.

I hope it was fun for some of you at least, because it really was fun for us (or me at least) - planning it, making it, and carrying it out. That's all it was meant to be.

You guys can take your badges off now, if you want. The prank is over.

- Caitlyn
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