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The Benefits of Leadership

Have you ever wanted to be a leader of a club or organization before? One where there's LOADS of people?

Ever envied a mod, because you thought it was cool?

Ever thought you could do it?

Yeah, it might be a lot of hard work, and yeah, perhaps the pay's not so great, but there are a lot of intrinsic rewards.

Being a leader at HiH has given me the opportunity to get to know more people here. You know, network. And, it's also fun.

Now, I also teach. It's my job. I get paid and recieve health benefits and insurance because I'm willing to spend over six hours of my day working for and with my students. (EDIT: My point here was, I can balance both, and I teach. If I can do it, you sure as heck can!)

Would I ever expect that out of any HiH leader? (Well, maybe a few.. ;D) Not someone who's new to it!

Look guys, we all start somewhere. The truth is, if someone doesn't step up to help and decide to work together with the team of club leaders/mods and main mods, then this community is going to sink. This is what happens when your brain is on drugs when your community has no support from its members. Clubs and the like don't go down- we all go down.

So, if you love HiH like I know you do, give leadership a chance. School will settle down within the next two weeks or so, and I think we'll all get back on our feet here. However, in order to do that, we need a plan, and we need capable people out there. You can take some time, I'm sure, to make a plan. Or, collaborate with someone! Perhaps if a position is too much for you, you could ask to be a co-mod.

Think about it. A great community starts from great members. I think we're the best one out there. So, let's make it so!

Get out there, share your ideas, and have fun! That's what we're all about! And, never be afraid to ask questions. The mods don't bite. (;

Shameless plug: I suppose I should mention that I'm leader of the Shutterbug Society, whose current contest for August has voting untill tomorrow night! *ahem*
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