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Voting on Applications

It seems that participation in the area of voting is picking up again, and this makes me happy. It's good to see folks helping out so that we can get our new members sorted where we think they belong. Due to the sudden re-interest in sorting, I thought I'd do a reminder post about sorting.

Please remember to read through the entire application. Just because you immediately see a trait for one house at the top of the application, that doesn't mean it's the only house represented in their personalities. Examples:
  • Sure, most Ravenclaws like books, but that doesn't mean anyone that likes books is a Claw. Ravenclaws tend to also be creative and witty.

  • Lots of Gryffindor's are stubborn (sorry guys, but look at Harry, hmm?), but that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone that has a stubborn streak belongs in Gryffindor. If it did, I would've been placed there immediately! Gryffindors are well known for being dedicated and brave.

  • Hufflepuffs are known for being hard-working, but there are other traits involved as well. Besides, don't you think Hermione was one of the hardest working students at Hogwarts? Puffs are known for their patience and caring as well.

  • Just because someone is 'sinister', or likes to come off that way, it doesn't mean they are necessarily a Slytherin. There were, in fact, evil folks from other houses, in case you've forgotten! Snakes are also known for being loyal and determined.

Need help remembering other traits? Try having a look at the cheat sheets. I'll even put there here, behind a cut.

Remember, everyone that comes here wants to be sorted fairly into the house where they best belong. Read carefully through each app, even if it takes a little extra time, and try to get a real feel for where someone belongs. Just because the last five folks think someone belongs in Gryffindor, it doesn't mean you'll see the same thing. Besides, most of us could fit into at least two different houses, right?

Proud Spazz Ravenclaw
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