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Looking for new officials!

Interested in taking over an unfilled mod/officials position? Well, the time has come for you to give it at try! We have quite a few positions still available, either due to the former official not replying or no longer wanting them. I hope we can find suitable folks to fill these spaces so we can get HiH rolling again. This place has so much potential, it just needs a few more good leaders to get things moving.

The following positions are open. If you are interested in one or more of them, please follow the cut and fill out the application. You do have to have been a member of HiH for at least two months in order before you will be allowed to accept one of these positions. (I am aware that some of the current officials have not been, but they have been 'grandfathered' in.)

Available positions:
Hufflepuff Co-Prefect, Slytherin Co-Prefect, Daily Prophet Editors (2), Debate Leader, Diagon Mod, Hogsmeade Mod, Insomniacs Mod, Quidditch Mod, Quibbler Editors (2), Sorted Challenge Co-Mod, Stamping Mod, and Appeals Judges

Also, the following Clubs need mods. If you are interested in one of those positions, fill out the application here.
Astronomy, Music, Herbology, Art, Dueling, SPEW, Literature, & Shutterbug


Co-Prefect: Assist the prefect in the common room. May include taking care of the sorting logs, student roster, in-house contests, answering questions, helping new members, etc.

Editors: Work on new editions of your paper to come out monthly (or more often nearer book/movie release time), tally points for submission of gossip/stories.

Debate Leader: Come up with topics for debates each month to post to the main community; tally the points/knuts for these debates.

Diagon Mod: Keep up with the incoming and outgoing of knuts at Gringotts. 'Sell' items in the shops by deducting knuts from member accounts and updating the 'currently owned items' list. Adding new vaults to Gringotts when requested by members.

Hogsmeade Mod: Moderate membership to only members of HiH; open up the community once every six weeks to HiH members; post themed challenges; give out matching themed banners at the end of the weekend; tally points earned there. Graphics ability a plus.

Insomniacs Mod: Moderate membership to only members of HiH; come up with weekly scavenger hunts for points, and other discussions for participation only; be sure that activities revolve around nighttime, etc.

Quidditch Mod: Plan Quidditch Matches for the teams; keep members active, and replacethose captains and players who can no longer play; maintain theQuidditch community; only moderate membership to Quidditch Players.

Sorted Challege Co-Mod: Moderate membership to only members of HiH; come up with weekly graphics challenges for members to participate in; post the polls and results of those challenges; tally the points earned from thechallenges.

Stamping Mod: Keep members interested in the community by promoting every now and then; moderate membership to only those who are members of HiH; moderate the posting queue to allow the allotted number of applications through (four applications, Friday-Sunday); stamp finished applications every Thursday; maintain the character stamp lists and tag all stamped applications; tally points for voting on applications. (sorry for the screw up there. Forgot that we are shifting this to Hogsmeade weekends only, so several of those 'job requirements' are no long existant!)

Appeals Judges: Vote on applications of members appealing to be resorted. Must be able to come up with questions of your own, on occassion, to help better resort these members.

Please fill out the following questions. You have until Tuesday, July 25th to submit your application.

LJ Username:
Email Address: -- will only be used if you're chosen, promise.
How long have you been a member of HiH?
Position You're Applying For:
How would you like to improve the related community?:
How would you handle a conflict?:
Give at least one related activity for this position (a writing prompt, a graphics challenge, etc), if applicable:

We realize that HiH has been pretty quiet lately, and we ALL want it active again. Please give actual ways to improve the community in your response, other than just increasing activity. HOW would you increase the activity?
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