diagon_mod (diagon_mod) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Diagon Alley!

hh_diagon has been updated!

Check the currently owned list to make sure everything is correct, please. If you are listed as owning something which no longer exists, please comment with the replacement object from the new shop lists, so that we can fix it!

Also, please check the vault list to be sure your name is there (if you just requested a vault, it is possible that we haven't added it yet). We removed all the names that seemed to have left the community - if we removed yours on accident, let us know so we can add it back before we delete the backup.

Request a vault here!

Don't forget, you can use your knuts to buy points for a House, and to purchase books so that you can eventually apply to be an animaus!

love, etc,
your current mod rep
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