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Vaults and Mods

Like Keri said earlier, we're likely to be making lots of posts while we get everything straightened out and, hopefully, moving again. I will try, as often as possible, to combine things into one post so as to not spam you silly!

Knuts and Vaults
As seen in this post, you are awarded with knuts for various things here on HiH. If you participate in contests, or if you are a top sorter, you'll get knuts. They'll be added together at the end of each month, and if you have a vault they will be added to your account. You can then use them to buy 'books' at Flourish & Blotts (needed in order to become an animagus), to buy points at Shpadoinkles (to help your house win the cup), or to buy random other goodies, all to be found at hh_diagon. However, if you do not have a vault, then your knuts aren't posted, which means you'll lose them. You don't want that to happen, right? If you don't have a vault, go to Gringotts and pick an available number (one that isn't listed with a name beside it). Once you've chosen a vault number, go here to request that vault. If you're on the list with knuts waiting to be deposited, give us a head's up and we'll add those for you. Even if you aren't, go on and get a vault so you're sure to get any knuts headed your way. We're not going to remind you every month!

Mods/Officials/Quidditch Captains/Animagus Board/Appeals Board
If you are any of these things and have not yet replied to the Roll Call, but you are still wanting to keep that position, please head over there now and comment. You have until Thursday, July 20th to reply. After that, I'm opening any unclaimed positions up for new officials. If you don't not reply by that time, you can reapply for the position, but you will not be guaranteed the spot. If any of the officials are on hiatus and you're aware of this, please let me know!

Edit: Ahem. Sorry about the messed up Shpadoinkles link. I fixed it.
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