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Text Contest: Voting

Vote Here! Please vote for only one, and not your own. Voting ends July 1st

REMEMBER! The contest called for letters from Harry to Mrs. Weasley. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE CANON! They can be Funny, Silly, Serious, Stupid, Whatever. And As I have no idea how to work the polls, just comment with your favorite.
Dear Mrs. Weasley,

I know that you know about the money.

I figured you knew back when Fred and George suddenly had new goods to work with and create more prankster-aides. But I decided that even though you had already discerned how they got the funds for such things, I should still admit to it. If only to clear my conscience.

I gave them my winnings because I believed in them; they're brilliant, Mrs. Weasley -- as brilliant as Bill and Charlie, even as brilliant as Dumbledore I'd say. It's just in a different way. I think you know that, too; I think you're awfully proud of them, because they're doing what they love, and making others laugh.

Harry Potter

Dear Mrs. Weasley,

Not too long ago I came to Fred and George in need of some extra cash. They obliged, and with being the businessmen they were they told me that the loan would only be fair if they were able to charge interest. Had I known at the time when I invested in Sloth the Sea Slug that he was not named such because of his calm personality I would have never taken out the loan! As it turns out, Sloth lived up to his name and I ended up losing all the money when he failed to finish the Sea Slug Nationals race and was subsequently eaten by a Horny Fig Toad.

My triwizard earnings paid off my debt.


Dear Mrs. Weasley,
How are you? I’m doing very well, but there has been something on my mind for the last few months. Before you say anything, yes, Ron is doing his homework and yes, the sweater fits perfectly, but erm… well, I did something. Something you… may not exactly approve of.
I gave all the Triwizard money to Fred and George. I’m very sorry Mrs. Weasley, but I really had no choice in the matter! After all, I have more than enough money in Gringotts, and I didn’t even mean to enter the contest in the first place.
Well, the truth is...they told me they’d charm my nose hairs green if I didn’t give them the money.
Thank you for being so understanding.

Hello, Mrs. W. I was originally planning on giving the money to Ron for his sex-change operation. It seemed that frilly dress-robe you gave him for the Ball made him see the light and understand his true nature underneath. But I figured giving the money to Fred and George would have pleased you more, and I sure do want to please you, Mrs. W. Now, I’m not so sure now I did the right thing, you know. It must be awfully lonely having only one daughter to help you with the womanly stuff. Though Charlie sure can a mean apple pie, and Percy sure walks spiffy in high-heels.
Feel the love, Mrs. W, feel the love.

Dear Mrs. Weasley,

I've secretly hated you ever since you used my Firebolt to sweep the floor at the Burrow. It’s just never flown the same since. I’ve thought long and hard about how to show you exactly how I feel about you, and I have come to the conclusion that giving Fred and George my Triwizard Winnings EXCLUSIVELY for the use of making more joke products right under your very nose is the absolute best way to do so. Hahahaha!

No love,
Harry Potter

Dear Mrs. Weasley,

I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you about me giving the twins my winnings. It must of slipped my mind, with the whole Voldemort situation. Anyway, I did give it to them for a reason. As I sat on the Hogwarts express, the twins came to me with the most heartbreaking story. It seems that they have decided to sponsor a reforming Death Eater through the “Azkaban Heals” program. They are very excited to be receiving the picture and letter of a reforming Death Eater who just needs a little love and support. For a fee of 25 gallons a month, you can also participate in this life-changing program.

My regards,
Harry Potter
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