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Reminders... and randomness

Okay, so since Bunny has completely dropped the ball, I'm going to just poke you guys to a few different things! XD

I've never done an official reminder post, so this one is the unofficial reminder post. Hee.

The April Contest (Make Officials Icons, Yo!) Only two people have entered, so uh... GET ON THAT, PEOPLE! ^___^

hih_thegame has been going SPLENDIDLY. Check out those Claw numbers, whoo! We can always use more players, of course, so drop an application in, and get playing in the craziness!!

sortedchallenge hasn't had any entries yet, as far as I know... so they've put up an extension. *pokes people toward that too*

...uhmmmm... Sorting at platform_934, as always... hehehe.

Apply for an Officials position! We really don't bite... at least... uh... not hard... *shifty eyes*

Aaaand... well, I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, so there ya go.

The unofficial reminders post!! Whee!! *bounces off* I'm not cracked. Why do you ask?

Tags: mod post, officials needed, reminder, term iv

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