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The True Bohemian Revolutionary


This affiliate that I'm going to pimp right now has been on our list since October, but never really got any advertising here. Most of you probably don't even realise that it's there. But hey, it's back after a brief hiatus to rebuild, so why not go and join?


Applications for students, aurors, ministry workers, and general adults for any lineage are now being accepted!

It's modded by the same group that mods our own hih_thegame, and in fact, TG got most of it's structure thread-wise from OUAT. Also, the plot is developed by the same brilliant minds, though it's tremendously different from that which is currently running at TG. I think that if you love TG like I do, you'll definately love OUAT!

Only things you need to know is that due to it's rating being for adults, you won't earn points by participation. Also, we discourage our younger members from joining that rp, once again due to rating. But if you like the darker side of Potterverse, you'll definately enjoy playing with us at OUAT!

Any questions? Ask away. :)
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