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We never use transfiguration as a punishment...

I have had a rather Potterific day, and I thought I should share here about it :)

I work at Hollywood Video, so of course, there are all kinds of Goblet of Fire things going on, since the DVD comes out on Tuesday. For one, employees get to rent movies the weekend before they come out, so I got to rent GOF tonight, and I am watching it for the second time in a row right now ^^ Unfortunately, the rental version isn't the double disc special edition, so I don't get to watch all of the special features until I buy a copy on Tuesday, but just seeing it now makes me feel special! Also, we got a five by five foot poster of the DVD cover to put in the window of the store, and I get to bring it home in four weeks when we take it down. And I also get to bring home the cardboard stand that the movies will be displayed on, which has Harry being chased by the Horntail, Ron and Hermione, Fleur Cedric and Krum, Moody, and a life-size Harry.

Sorry, but I'm just very excited about all of the DVD release happenings, and thought I would share! ^_^


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