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Random I Suppose

Well, after a fun day of being sunburnt, getting hit with beads, being slightly tipsy around other drunks, and eating some chicken(ha, yay for Mardi Gras!), I was wandering around my room and picked up my Harry Potter book, but erm, it's called Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis. Which is Harry Potter and the Philsopher's Stone in Latin(nerd nerd I know!). Anyway, as I was attempting to read somethings, I realized how funny somethings sound when pronounced in Latin(besides the fact that it's named Harrius). For example, crucio would be pronounced Kru-kio, avada kadavra is pronounced awada ka-da-wra(v's sound like W's in latin), etc. Maybe it's just me, but it makes me laugh. Awada Kadawra sounds like baby talk. Of course I think everything sounds funny in Latin. Here's a random sentence from the book, 'tu non es a Mugglibus ortus. Lmao, Mugglibus. I love how Latin changes names, besides Mugglibus, there's Gryffindorensium, Silvius, and Slytherinos to name a few. On the cover of the book, it has a picture of Harry and the Hogwarts Express and it says Hamaxostichus Rapidus Hogvartensis. Haha. Sorry if this is not interesting at all to others, but I do believe my fellow 'claws will appreciate it.
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