The Lady of Unsanity (jedilora) wrote in hogwartsishome,
The Lady of Unsanity

Calling all New Englanders-

This weekend is the SF/F convention Arisia in Boston. I'm working as a volunteer for the con suite, I think, so if you happen to be stopping by, come by and see me! I'll try to wear my "My Name is Harry Potter. You Killed My Parents-Prepare to Die" pin as an identifier, though that's a popular one, so I'd just go with looking for someone pretty close to my icon. Seriously, that's fairly close to how I look. ^_^

And if you have no idea about it and are in the area, c'mon by! It's fun times, filled with fannishness and conversation. Long weekend, stop by on Saturday and say hi!
Tags: meet up, term iv

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