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Guess its been awhile...

I can't believe I am here again. It has been so long since I was here, and so many things have been added/changed, I hardly reconize it. I am SO sorry for my absence, it wasn't for any lazy reasons, or anything, but the plain fact that Voldy once again was holding my Internet hostage. This past year has been the worst for my computer, it has been in for one thing or another, and the most recent fiasco, that has had me missing, was due to my BRAND NEW modem going batty, like a month after we got it. It pretty much wouldn't let me online at all, except for brief moments when it wanted to fool me into thinking I may get to check LJ, but then it would laugh, and right away shut down again. That went on for many months, really close to when the sixth book came out. I have missed it here so much, the chats, contest, fiction, and just plain being with people of my Potter crazy likeness. I hope this absence hasn't been marked against, because I really love it here.

Well with that said, now that it is Christmas, and I have a new man in my Mother's life, (my new dad) we will be going to Texas for two weeks. I will be with out a computer until the 4th of January, unless I am able to get to an Internet Cafe or something. We are leaving tomarrow, but I just wanted to make my return, before going again, at least this one is sorta voluntary. :)

Anyway, I will be back and start up everything then. Merry whatever it may be that you celebrate, and Happy New year. :D


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